Solar Modules

Efficient solar technology

Innovative technology in the field of solar energy brings on the market advanced, technically improved products. They are characterized by higher energy efficiency making the entire solutions more cost effective. Higher durability and longer service life guaranteed by the manufacturer make the users more confident in product quality. Simplified in construction, the solar modules are becoming today more accessible and easier to install.

Solar modules are used as components of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial applications. When designing solution for such system, individual needs and requirements are taken into account to achieve the highest efficiency and provide maximum financial savings.

G-Solar modules quality control

Quality control of G-Solar products is one of the main advantages in the production process. In addition to testing made on semi-products, final testing is performed for each solar module. Certification of testing made is attached to each solar module covered with the issued warranty. Moreover, performed testing and measurements on sun simulator showed that G-Solar modules indicate features above the other premium products available on the market.

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