Why should you chose G-SOLAR?

Today entire industrial, social and human development depends on a responsible attitude towards energy efficient economy. Therefore, we strongly focus our business and technology on ecological and sustainable development projects.

Solar energy, as one of most important green energies of the future allows energetic independence, has growing possibilities in storage and transmission of energy. Photovoltaic efficiency of silicon crystalline solar modules is the first mainstream solar technology and continues to be most commonly used. Moreover, the solar industry is fast developing in terms of research to make solar products more efficient, to have better performance and to be more cost-effective.

Our solutions represent the highlight of today’s technology with innovative and sustainable high-tech solar products. They are characterized by:

Higher efficiency and better performance

The cells and modules are technologically advanced and result with higher efficiency. Photovoltaic glass design improves oblique irradiance performance and enhances module yield in low-light and medium-angle-light condition.

Higher durability and Quality Insurance

Maximum performance is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years. Through the PV Module Quality Insurance the warranty guarantees 80% power output for 25 years, covered by contracts with international insurance companies. The products are certified to withstand high pressure of wind and snow.

Tested products and control elements

The modules are tested for resistance to atmospheric impacts (Salt-mist corrosion test, Ammonia resistance test), possible loss of output power (PID) and Carbon footprint (assessment by TÜV Nord).  Junction box and by-pass diodes protect the modules from overheating and “hot spot effect”.

Easy installation

The modules are easy to install and compatible with other parts of the equipment.

Customized solutions

The production line enables changes in product outputs based on different input variables and, therefore, easy customization for the individual orders.

Production located in EU

The production is located in the European Union enabling fast deliveries and easy tracking of the products.

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